WhatsApp Brings IOS 10-like Emojis….but Not Available For Everyone Yet


It has been a long time since emojis came into mainstream usage and now, people actually look forward to the various changes that different companies try with the new emojis. In order to catch up with the design changes in emojis of iOS 10, WhatsApp has now introduced new emojis to the beta version of its Android app, specifically, v2.16.274.

The new emojis are very similar to those present in iOS 10, and have a redesigned look that provides them with a distinguished 3D appearance. Several of these new emojis will find their way to Unicode’s Emoji 4.0 update in November, and many are already present in Android 7.0 Nougat, apart from iOS 10. To get the latest beta version, you can either sideload the apk, or, sign up on Google Play to become a beta tester for Android.

It seems like companies have started acknowledging the presence of diversity in the society as after introduction of various skin tones earlier, new emojis include various gender options as well. The new emojis include a policewoman, a girl who is running, and parents of same gender as well.

The new emojis include a female weightlifter, and women professionals in different sports like basketball, swimming, running, skateboarding, weightlifting, and cycling.

Interestingly, the new emojis also include the famous ‘water gun’ emoji introduced by Apple with iOS 10 to depict gun as a toy rather than a pistol. The move was followed by the decision taken by the Unicode Consortium, the tech industry group that approves emoji, to not include glyphs of a rifle and a man shooting a pistol in its next release.

Now see the old new Emoji & the old one below;




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