Top 5 Jobs That Can Make Your Spouse Cheat On You


With the growing rate of marriage failures as a result of infidelity in Nigeria and beyond, we decided to look into the epidemic from our own perspective and we realized that there are careers that makes couple more prone to having their marriages hit the rock.

Some couples are having a blistering career and are earning an enviable pay package, but they are still not happy because their marital life is at the receiving end of it. Don’t be deceived by the range rover vogue your friend drives, she really wished she could be like you and have her marriage intact. Don’t be deceived by the fact that some of this couples works in to church clinging to each other like they have it all perfect, it’s just a make-believe. Marriages are hitting the rocks every day in this country.

Below are a list of the top 5 jobs that can put your marriage on the brinks.

Note: I am not in any way advocating that these careers are bad, or that everybody in the career mentioned here is a victim. No. not at all.


The fact that lecturers are vulnerable to cheating on their spouses is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. I know some university dons that live in the university community alone without their families. Some only get to see their family during weekends. Common, there is a pool of girls of easy virtue in our university communities today (I mean no disrespect to the female folks), but the number of girls in our higher institutions who are not ready to study is alarming, but at the end they come out in flying colors.
Don’t ask me how. Ask your husband.

• Offshore oil Jobs

Yes, the oil big boys are first on my list. Taking up a career in the oil industry as an offshore dude makes your marriage very porous. Some of my friends in that industry confided in me and they all have same problem. What is the problem? They earn an enviable some with benefits but they have just six months in a year to utilize anything they have acquired, including their wives.
Imagine when a guy works two weeks on, two weeks off. That makes it a cumulative six months on, six months off by the end of a year. God help you, your wife is the type that is promiscuous, and she knows she has six months of uninterrupted sexual escapades with the guy next door. Sorry bro.

One of my friend even complained to me that after paying for DSTV full bouquet for 12 months, he gets to watch it for only six months. It’s funny but, it’s that bad.
Also, do I need to mention that some companies deploy sex workers to their rigs on the high sea to reduce work hazards? In fact, this service I learnt has a good budget and it is outsourced to some core ‘HR Companies. Ladies beware.

• SHOW BIZ ( actors, models, Music Artist, TV Personalities)

It’s not as if that marriage failure is high in this industry alone. We only get to hear about the rate of the divorce and separation in this industry because they are public figures. When you are deciding to pursue a career in this industry, be tactful and prayerful not to blossom in the industry at the expense of your marital life.

• Hospital (Doctors/Nurses)

A ‘quickie session’ is part of the job. Not their faults really. It takes a special hand of God to shield a young doctor from the advances of female patients that feel they owe their lives to them.
The nurses too. Their attire does not help matters at all. It could even pass for a sexual harassment case.

• Aviation jobs (Pilots/Air Hostesses)

In addition to the usual “pilot’s wife syndrome” that is common amongst women married to pilots, some of them are also battling with the fact that her husband has a side chick in every state capital and country his plane touches. Not empirically proved though, but pilots are hot preys of eagle-eyed girls searching for fun and funds.

‘I don’t know about you, but I can’t marry an air hostess,’ a guy once told me. If your wife happens not to have her virtues intact, then she is the first dumping pot for the promiscuous pilots. To make matters worse, if she happens to be the bread winner of the family, you won’t just be battling with the fact that you are now the house-husband, but also the fact that you can’t even complain when she goes on numerous self-imposed trips with the high profile contacts she met on board. Not all of them though

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