Thief Who Stole $3Million In Jewelry From Drake’s Tour Bus Caught — Report

can now rest easy, knowing that the guy who allegedly made off with jewellery worth $3 million from his tour bus was arrested on Sept. 7, according to TMZ.

The suspect, Travion King, described by police as a transient, was arrested on the Arizona State University campus that afternoon.

Authorities caught him with a briefcase containing all the stolen jewelry, and booked him for felony burglary.

The nabbed jewelry belonged to Drake’s DJ, Future the Prince, and was stolen from one of the tour buses parked outside the Talking Stick Arena in Phoenix, where the two had a concert the night before. Travion has previously worked for the arena for concerts, but was not working during that show. So,
we’re curious to know how exactly he allegedly managed to grab that briefcase.

Drake SERIOUSLY freaked out when the loot
went missing, and his meltdown just happened to be caught on camera. The rapper waved his arms like crazy, and marched toward the tour bus, after having just been told the news. We understand that is a totally reasonable reaction to finding out your buddy has lost $3 million in property.

But, we’re sure Drake has calmed down now and is happy it was recovered so quickly. It’s a really good thing that it didn’t take longer, or we may have seen a few more clips of Drizzy losing his mind. Now we just wonder exactly what is going to happen to Travion.


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