Taylor Swift Beats Kim Kardashian To Become New Queen of Instagram



In August, Kim Kardashian nabbed the Queen of Instagram crown from Beyoncé, and in a few days, her following shot up by hundreds of thousands, and the gap between her and other top Instagram accounts was large enough to allow her reign in peace.

But there was an unprecedented power shift hours ago which saw the Bad Blood singer Taylor Swift shooting up with over a million followers, beating Kim Kardashian to become the most followed account on Instagram with 45.64m followers, while Kim Kardashian grapples with 45.56m.

And this is remarkable, given the cultural power these women wield.

For Kim Kardashian, her following grew mostly because of her signature racy and nude photos, while Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are mostly because of their creative industry — music — and their massive contributions to pop culture.

So, this is like the battle of the Titans: what impresses young mind these day? what sells –sexy image only or the arts? Whatever be the case, the power these influential women wield can never be dismissed.

Still, we know Kim Kardashian enjoys and celebrates her Instagram following, and so we can’t wait to see what ‘surprise’ she’ll spring next to take back her position.

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