Selena Gomez Advices Taylor Swift To ‘Stop Dating & Drop Album’ After Break-Up With Tom

is leaning on ’s shoulder,
following her split from Tom
Hiddleston. Selena is urging her bestie to’ drop a new
album and stop dating’ for a while

Breakups, aren’t they just the WORST THING in
the world? Luckily for Taylor Swift, 26, she’s
got some good friends like Selena Gomez, 24,
(and Ben & Jerry) to help her feel better and offer sound advice. “When Taylor told Selena
about the breakup, the first thing Selena
advised Taylor to do was slow down,” a source
tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Selena
has known about the Taylor and Tom
[Hiddleston], 35, split for a while.”

Poor Taylor has been facing a series of
heartbreaks this year. Not only did
#HiddleSwift fall apart, she also called it quits
with Calvin Harris, 32, who she’d been dating
for over a year! It’s in the “New Romantics”
singer’s nature to immediately start seeing
someone after a split (she hooked up with
Tom only two weeks after Calvin), but that
pattern hasn’t really worked out for her.

“Selena’s advice was to take a break from men
and to spend some time enjoying being
single,” the source continues, adding that
Taylor agrees, and we do too!

The world is Taylor’s oyster! She’s hot, young, and rich — there’s NOTHING she can’t do! Travel the world, pick up a new hobby, splurge on a new car, write a new album — anything except link up with a new guy. The best way Taylor can distract herself is by “focusing her energy in the studio, and dropping a new album before another boyfriend pops up.”

Tom and Taylor reportedly split because he was pressuring her to go public with their romance, which convinced the singer that he
was dating her for the wrong reasons. Now that their 3-month romance has come to an
end, we can only hope to hear AMAZING breakup songs!

We think it is a great advice.


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