Reveal Your Plans To Nigerians Not Foreigners, Odinkalu Tells Buhari


The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Professor Chidi Odinkalu, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to reveal his plans for Nigeria for the nation in the country instead of revealing his plans during his visits to foreign countries.

Speaking to legal luminaries during a conference to brainstorm on the roles of Integrity and Accountability in National Development in Abuja on Wednesday, the NHRC Chairman, said the era of change which the President has launched requires that he carries Nigerians along first.

Professor Odinkalu said the President’s trend of announcing his plans in foreign countries is inconsiderate of the needs of Nigerians, who elected him into office and deserve to know his plans for governance without reading or hearing about them in the foreign media.

The event was also set to create a dialogue for national renewal by overhauling the country’s integrity system to ensure accountability.

The thrust of discussion was that development in Nigeria can neither be advanced nor sustained while impunity and lack of accountability are allowed in the public service and government at all levels.

Professor Odinkalu said the change needed to instill integrity that will cause development will be led by the President, who he said will start by talking to Nigerians.

Other speakers at the event observed that there are many challenges that Nigeria needs to tackle; chief among them insecurity, unemployment, infrastructure, health and education.

He, however, maintained that any effort made to set these sectors right towards development would be unsuccessful without integrity and accountability across board.

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  1. frayo says

    So Prof. You know all those things you did not say them before. Good will make a very good president in Nigeria.

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