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READ: The Alleged True Story Of What Really Happened At The Viral Zenith Bank Robbery In Owerri

Here’s The Alleged True Story Of What Really Happened At The Viral Zenith Bank Robbery In Owerri
Dont know how true this is, but as shared by an Imo state based lawyer, Kissinger Ikeokwu, he claims to have gotten true account of the robbery that happened at Zenith Bank, Owerri, which left brave policeman, Sergeant Iboko dead.

“Those who blame the officer for running out got it wrong. I got the true account from an anonymous witness and feel I should share it since he cannot by reason of his office. When the robbers approached the bank, three policemen were in the small security house. They displayed gallantry by shooting and blasting the car windows, but the robbers still emerged from he car unhurt in what many have described as “Odoeshi”. The robber in blue who shot the officer dead moved tactically to the small window at the back side the ran towards them.

He sprayed them with bullets killing one instantly and severely injuring the officer who today lost his one eye. The gallant Iboko was the man the robbers bullet didnt touch and he took cover lying low and kept his calm. Confident that he had finished the officers who took cover at the small security post, the robber on blue decided to enter and finish them. It was then that Iboko who had taken cover having seen his men in the pool of their blood decided to either act.

Sensing the invisibility of the robbers, Iboko was reported to have deepen his gun nussle into the blood of his colleagues and that proved vital in neutralizing the suppossed odoeshi. Immediately the robber on blue who had sprayed them with bullets from the back window approached the door, Iboko took him out. Having shot and proved he was alive, Iboko knew he must flee or wait for the robbers who didn’t fear bullets now come for him. He made the deft move with just 20% chance of escaping. He ran towards the back of the bank building through the left flank.but he couldn’t run too far as he fell to bullet wounds. Upon his falling the other robber he had a face to face close range shootout with now came towards him and rained bullets on him, but Iboko’s four colleagues at the back gave him backup…… that backup was bullets from the far end of the backyard that made the killer of Iboko retreat and run to their car in a hurry. Iboko died later of his wounds. Seven policemen were on duty on that very day at the Bank wetheral Branch. 3 lost their life including iboko. One survived with injuries. 3 escaped unhurt and told the story you read hereby. The survivors were at the back yard and they reinforced Iboko giving him cover when he fell.

Their bullets made the rubbers retreat in a hurry and not pick the guns of the slain officers. Their reinforcement made the robbers abandon their colleague through whom Police got the clues that ultimately led to the arrest and water loo of the robbers.
Iboko took cover lying low with a dead colleague and one whose eyes was shattered by the same man he killled. He killed same man when he came tru the door but lost I trying to run after exposing his cover.

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