Prophet T.B Joshua Clocks 53 Today


Happy 53rd birthday to Prophet TB Joshua , and many great days ahead , read the wishes by friends and worshipers and T B Joshua clocks 53 years Birthday Today. Photos from the 53rd Birthday of T B Joshua will follow as soon as released.


Your birthday celebration is simple: tell your neighbour ‘I love you’ with all your heart. Your neighbour could be your enemy or someone who doesn’t share the same faith with you. If you tell your neighbour with all your heart, you tell God. So, God will be your Strength, your Provider.”
T.B. Joshua

Happy Bthday my mentor,spiritual fada and saviour of our tym may God continue to bless,multiply& engrace u d more as u reach out to orders vine yrd God will supply ur nids also many more yes DADDY wt LLNP

Happy birthday to you #grandpa….I just watched the before and after of SCOAN on emmanuel tv…I shed tears and acknowledge God the more because
(1)If Many people that criticize this ministry today without knowing how u started by watching the video,they will cry and ask God for forgiveness
(2)I have never seen an humble man of God like you on Earth
(3)Your confidence in God’ promise about SCOAN on the mountain in 1989 where you were telling the congregation that ”this video is what the whole world will see in future when your ministry is big and by that time you will have your own mountain”
(4) Flooding of the church on several occasions and how you happilly and cheerfully joined the members in reconstruction
(5)NDLEA arrested you on no reasonable charges and you still came out of the prison to preach about love. My heart really melts
(6)Comparing the Tb Joshua and SCOAN of then to Tb joshua and SCOAN of today,is a great metamorphosis though the vision and mission still remains
(7)You are a man of vision
(8)One doesn’t need to check a dictionary to know the meaning of #love ,your lifestyle sir is the#genuinelove
(9)No matter the circumstances,God is too powerful ,faithful and merciful to forget his promises
….We thank God for giving us a man like you #grandpa…May you live long and forever be lovely sir!!!!

I wonder what the world will be like without you amongst us. Words can’t tell how much you have affected and influenced our lives (especially me). Happy birthday, Daddy, Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua! May the Light of God continue to shine on you. May you increase in grace, favour and love in God’s sight and in the sight of men. May your anointing never run out. Wishing you long life and more grace in Jesus Christ name, amen!!! – Fan

 Prophet TB Joshua at 53 years ..!!wow my your age gracefully mighty man the most humble man of God I have ever,I pray that may God keep and guide you till end of times and may your ministry never run dry but rather may it florish Happy Birthday my prophet

Happy Birthday Prophet TB Joshua and my daddy of this end time.
The blessings of God be with you always. Your cup will never run dry
The Almighty God who has called you for this end time ministry will continue to anoint your head from the crown of your head to the souls of your feet, running down your beard.
You will walk and never be weary, you will run and never faint for the Almighty Jehovah is always with you.
You have run the race and fought the good fight, now the crown of Glory is yours.
The days ahead of you will be more blessed and powerful than the ones gone past.
The LORD has given you the New Jerusalem were the entire world would come to receive from you as you receive from GOD ALMIGHTY.

Peace and Harmony are your portion always. Your family and those around you are called blessed.
Tranquility and Love will blossom in your vineyard. Your family is endowed with prosperity and riches from above because the LORD has blessed your hands without adding no sorrow to it.
My Prophet and Daddy please enjoy your Birthday and another blissful year with all the glorious latter rain from above
I pray and bless you forever Amen.

Happy birthday father ..you are a great teacher ,counselor ,preacher and you are mightily used by God in healing ,prophecy ,deliverance …may the Lord increase you and continue to bless you ..you have changed the lives of so many people around the globe including me through your televangelism…I love you Prophet TB Joshua ..I wish you many more years of good health and ministry …you are a true vessel of God ..once again happy birthday Papa

Happy birthday daddy prophet TB Joshua.. We thanks Jesus for sending you on earth to help peoples in need physically,emotional,mentally and spiritually.. May Jesus grant you Long Live.. More power to your programs emmanuel tv for God is truly with us that is the key for a change the world, every nation and every lives of people.. I love you with all our hearts from my family here in the Philippines..

Happy Birthday sir. May God Himself will magnified through your ministry. And may the blessing of the Bible be upon you for the rest of your life. Indeed you are true man of God. amen

Happy birthday to the prophet of our generation. Senior Prophet TB Joshua really you are God sent and the LORD shall forever continue to raise a standard against the devil for your sake. May your day be filled with love, joy, happiness, and all other fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22,23. You shall live long to fulfill the promise of the Father upon our lives. More grace, more anointing, more of Christ upon you. Shalom

My day is never complete without watching you on Emmanuel TV,

Dear Prophet TB Joshua, I want to thank our heavenly Father for you, through your ministries i have received much teaching on deliverance and warfare, which i have been able to use to help a very tortured soul and deliver her from many many evil spirits through the medium of chat. On your birthday, be richly blessed by Yahweh, I love watching Emmanuel TV, you minister to me immensly, I enjoy your teachings and sermons, and love you very much in His love. Thank you for your obedience to the calling in your life, Yahweh loves you!

Happy birthday Daddy! My wish for you this year is many many more years, to live and declare the Word of God in this sinful generation, let your enemies see what you will be come. I Decree total increase in all your God given gifts and to your Ministry as well…. HBD again Prophet TB Joshua!

Happy birthday to you my mentor my father in the lord the one who has make my spiritual life gone so fear. I pray this day that God almighty will increase you in all you do, for the love and care that you have been showing people all over the world may you never lack may your days in this life long may God give you more Grace to do his work. We your children all over the world Love you Daddy. Enjoy your birthday daddy

Happy and blessed birthday our beloved prophet TB Joshua. You have blessed me and so many in the world with the great wisdom with which the word of God was preached to us. I have been greatly blessed with your wisdom and look forward to more. I pray for God to continue to bless you and your family, the ministry and the wonderful works of God that you are doing. I look forward to visiting SCOAN to worship with you. Praise God for prophet TB Joshua. Amen, Hallelujah! !!!!

Happy birthday to you Sir, thank you so much for all countless advices, for sharing such a great gift with the world, for giving freely and willingly, for empowering and encouraging our generation, for leading by example, for being a father to the nations, I love you daddy so greatly. Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come for God who is forever faithful to His promises will satisfy you with longlife. Good morning Sir!!!

Happy birthday mighty General of God. May the Lord God bless you with many more fruitful years of serving God and bringing people to salvation and setting them free from all afflictions of the devil. I thank God for giving us the Prophet of our time and I am blessed to know your God who is alive and fails not and lies not but always watches over His word to perform it to the glory of the living God in Jesus Christ’s mighty name by the Spirit of God. Happy birthday to you Prophet TB Joshua. As you grow older I pray that the Lord grants you more and more of His anointing and fire in Jesus’ mighty name.Emmanuel Good morning!!!!!!


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