Oil Discovery, A Curse to Nigeria – Pat Utomi



Pat Utomi, A professor of political economics, has said that the discovery of oil was what caused the country its present challenges.

Utomi declared this while fielding questions yesterday on national Radio programme.

He said Nigerians, especially the political class, had failed to look at the problems of the country had at the moment in order to solve it and was busy pursuing their primordial interests.

He noted that the country abound with citizens with credibility and proven competences in all areas, but were not utilised in the sense that “there are men of theory.

“No convention or thinking on how to solve problems; they tell you we speak too much English or theory. Then let them give way for who talk to try. Those who work have not found the solution,” he said.

Utomi drew the attention of the nation’s leaders to the former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who was seen wearing jeans trousers and a t-shirt, while packing his bags out of Downing Street after his resignation.

“Here we are flying jets when there is lack of progress in the country.

“The problem we are in today shouldn’t have taken us by surprise; it is what I have been singing about since 10 years ago gave lectures that we should go on saving for the rainy day, Dr. Okonjo Iweala, also said so. I said we said the oil price would be worse than expected because of the discovery of the product in India, China and so on. But they didn’t listen, as at the time the governors were shouting, it was already late.

“I still believe that if the governors can summon enough courage that if they are not able to govern they will resign, it will be good.”

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