Nigerian Dancer, Pinki Debbie Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest Dance Marathon


Nigerian dancer and social media influencer, Odumewu Debbie popularly known as Pinki Debbie has set a new Guinness World record.

Debbie, 22, set the new record for the ‘longest dance by an individual’ after dancing for 150 hours, approximately seven days.

Also known as an exhibitionist, the dancer beat the record of Indian Kalamandalam Hemaletha who danced for 120 hours 15 minutes in 2010.

The 22-year-old dancer started dancing since 12pm on Friday, 17 November and will be completing her dance today, Friday, November 24.

Debbie made this feat at the Palms Mall where she has been dancing with celebrities and fans turning up to support and motivate her.

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