George Clooney Involved In Italian Scooter Crash

Veteran Hollywood Icon , 57, has been treated in a hospital on Tuesday after suffering minor injuries from a Scooter Crash.

AGI reported that the “Out of Sight” actor was involved in an accident at Costa Corallina in the island’s north east, Sardinia, Cyprus.

AFP learnt from AGI that the actor bruised his leg when a Mercedes car reportedly collided with his scooter after turning without giving right of way.

Eye witnesses claim the actor was flung from his two-wheeler onto the windscreen of the vehicle.

AGI reported that the American actor who was on a location in Sardinia to shoot a new mini-series “Catch 22”, was rushed to the hospital.

When AFP contacted the police, they were unable to comment because investigations were still ongoing.

Clooney has been discharged from the hospital and advised by medics to rest for some days, AGI reported.


Farouk Mohammed

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