Femi Fani Kayode vs Islamic Terrorists: Spot The Difference – Janet Ekong Writes


I don’t know about you but I have watched the gradual descent of FFK from a cultured and articulate individual of supposedly good pedigree to the crude, idiotic, infantile, desperate, alarmist in the filthy gutter he now resides. In retrospect, I am beginning to believe it may have been my perception of him. He probably has always been this way, just now unravelling due to his level of frustration, bitterness, blinding hate and crass ignorance.

Where are his children and family members? I mean the real family members that invested in him, not the innocent and naïve beauty queen he flaunts on social media. Did he really disown his children? His family must as a matter of urgency rescue FFK from himself. What is he smoking or sniffing? He is completely paranoid and fast degenerating into a full-fledged schizophrenic!

When one begins to see danger, threat and conspiracies everywhere while believing that the insane voices he is hearing is God’s, it is time to greatly begin to worry and we all should! FFK has entertained us with all sorts of warped conspiracy theories that has exposed the depth of the deterioration of his mind. From the American conspiracy that installed President Buhari to reverse gay rights law, to the conspiracy to wipe out all Christians using the herdsmen, the conspiracy of John Kerry and the Sultan of Sokoto to Islamize Nigeria, the conspiracy of the illuminati who drank the blood of air crash victims, the conspiracy of Mark Zukerberg to recolonize Nigerians with the Hausa language, the conspiracy of EFCC to stop Christians from praying, the conspiracy of Hilary Clinton and the Boko Haram to balkanize Nigeria……. blah, blah, blah, blah!! The list of this man’s conspiracy theories just like his imaginations are endless which is why I am soliciting for help for him asap.

For a man who brandishes his pedigree as a badge of honour and an assumed air of superiority to others supposedly conferred on him by birth, his language is uncannily similar to that of an Islamic terrorists especially of the Boko Haram infamy. It got me thinking and I realized that these two were actually two sides of the same coin!!

GOD APPROPRIATION – FFK’s God is the only God and deals directly with him to the exclusion of all othersMy God is the only God and all must …………..
Deep hatred for those who don’t share his politics and ideologySame here
Inciting Nigerians to chaos through his tirades of serpents, blood and death.Same here
Megalomaniac – A pathological egotist

(Endless foolish essays)

Endless foolish videos
Messianic complex…… The elitist egoistic FFK now wants to rewrite history as the redeemer of the people!!!Obviously
Righteousness Complex – FFK in his twisted and comical description of himself is the perfect ChristianPerfect Muslim
Preaching hatePreaching hate


Spot the difference!!! Need I say more? FFK in his usual delusions always claims he is a bonafide Christian and tries to support his dementia with some stories in the old testament of the bible. As Christ told us clearly in the Bible, “by their fruits, ye shall know them”! FFK clearly lacks the most important stamp of the identity of Christians which is LOVE. He eats hate, stews in it and spews it all over the place in his desperate bid to influence gullible people to hate. What are you afraid of FFK if you really believe in God? Since we lost the elections, you must stoke the embers of war, hatred, division to destroy and divide Nigeria so you may get a piece of it, right? FFK, if you were still in government feeding fat on our collective wealth, would you have advocated for Biafra secession? Oh, table manners, now you can speak since your mouth isn’t full abi? Do you think God is absent in the affairs of men? It is why I say you are puerile and ignorant and can never destroy this Nation with your fear and toxicity. It is time for those who love FFK to come to his aid in this time of his mental and emotional trauma, he needs help desperately and should immediately be institutionalized!

For your information, only the will of the almighty God can prevail in this Nation no matter the number of FFKs, Boko Haramists, Americans, Ango Abdullahis, herdsmen, religions, secessionists, APCs, PDPs, politicians in general etc. so please spare us all this incitement and keep quiet already. When you were making billions of Naira in government, we didn’t hear about it!!

(Concerned Citizen of Nigeria wrote from Abuja)


Farouk Mohammed

Farouk Mohammed is a Senior Editor at Okay Nigeria (Okay.NG). He has been publishing for 5 years and focused more on Local/World News on Okay Nigeria.

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