#EdoDecides: 9 Things ‘Godwin Obaseki’ Promised People of Edo State


Here is State governor-elect, Mr. manifesto for the people of state.

The manifesto is tagged: “Achieving Economic prosperity for Edo State is our mission”

– Job Creation – Create over 200,000 new jobs in 4 years through:

– Industry and Infrastructure
Within the first year in office, we will restructure and resolve all outstanding debt obligations with Bendel Brewery, Edo Line and any other State Owned Enterprise

  • We will attract private capital into all State Owned Enterprises under privatisation
  • We will also conclude ongoing efforts to complete and commission industries initiated by the PDP government but abandoned before commissioning including Uromi Cassava Factory and Fertilizer Factory in Auchi

Infrastructure (Roads, Schools, Hospitals, Housing)

  • We will extend road networks to connect new areas not previously linked with the road infrastructure grid to facilitate the movement of people and produce to markets;
  • We will identify the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the state and those at the greatest risk of flooding and channel resources into building necessary infrastructure to cater for their needs;
  • We will also determine the most accident-prone areas and provide adequate safety and traffic management solutions;
  • In pursuit of our collective desire to develop a competitive knowledge economy, we will introduce the development of Broadband infrastructure into our road infrastructure and transportation network to build a more virile and mobile business and learning environment;
  • We will redevelop the Ikpoba River valley projects not only to generate electricity but also as a source of water supply for industrial and domestic user.

Women and Youth Empowerment

  • We will provide the enabling environment for women to achieve their highest potential by taking our initiative beyond the phase of empowering women to empowering society as a whole through the women-in-business
  • Our plans to invest in our 8 Technical Vocational Education and Training institutions will create direct jobs for our youth through skills in Engineering, Building Technology, Agriculture, Food Sciences, Hospitality under entrepreneurship schemes or industry employment;
  • We will support at least 20,000 entrepreneurs over the next 4 years to stimulate the economy through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) development creating no less than 50,000 additional jobs;

Human Basic Needs – Salaries and Pensions

  • Healthcare infrastructure will receive a boost by focusing government financing at the Primary Healthcare level across the state and, where there is the business case, a mix of public and private capital at the tertiary levels;
  • Visual and dental health will be integrated into the healthcare policy and master plan

Access to Education

  • We will complete the renovation of school infrastructure already commenced and introduce a continuous maintenance culture to ensure the sustainability of the education infrastructure;


  • the Civil Service into a world-class work environment powered by information and communication Technology (ICT)

Revenue Generation

Taxation is a major source of government revenue but we will ensure a pocket friendly tax regime in our drive for Internally Generated Revenues (IGR)

  • Security (Law, Order and Justice)
  • We will strengthen the Criminal Justice System to expedite the interpretation of laws, determination of disputes, restitution for victims and punishment of offenders. This includes the re-introduction of mobile and assize courts to expedite dispensation of justice and reduce the strain on our courts of superior record;
  • We will support the police and other state-sponsored agents in various capacities including the infrastructure that supports them in the work they do.

Restore socio-cultural values

  • We will restore Edo State as the Number One state in sports in Nigeria, especially in football where we once held sway as a talent ground


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