Drake Wants Rihanna To Move In With Him & ‘Start Making Memories’

“[Drake] has agreed to always be available to [Rihanna], to listen to her and understand her feelings. He’s also suggested that they begin living together,” an insider revealed to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Not to just play house, but to start making memories together and laying down some roots. Drake’s really about that life and wants that with

Aww! With the way things have been going so far since Drake, 29, and Rihanna, 28, confirmed their relationship, it’s not super surprising that Drake is already itching to move in with RiRi. Just imagine them being roomies!

Considering Drake and Rihanna already have matching tattoos, they’re clearly feeling pretty strongly about each other. Why not move in together and take things to the next level?

Their schedules are so crazy that they probably wouldn’t really be home at the same time much anyway, but living under the same roof would certainly allow for some awesome quality time together when their free time does overlap. Heck, that could be a big part of the reason that Drake wants to live together so soon — he probably doesn’t get enough RiRi time, which is super tough when you’re so into someone!

Surely alone time is part of the reason for Drake’s eagerness to live with Rihanna, but he’s apparently also thinking long term.

Another source told us that Drake is ready to let go of his “playboy lifestyle” and settle down with Rihanna. What better way to prove that and start building a future with RiRi than to live with her?

Whether they live together or not, one thing is for sure: Rihanna and Drake are totally in love!

They’ve been flaunting their romance left and right since their post-VMA date night, even kissing right on stage at Drake’s show in Miami. We’d love to see them move in with each other, but we definitely don’t need it to
know that these two will be together for a long time!

Post Credit: Hollywoodlife.com


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