Daddy Freeze Mocks Nigerians Who Lost Money to MMM Ponzi Scheme

OAP Daddy Freeze has lashed out at Nigerians who lost money to the MMM Ponzi scheme.

OAP Freeze

In an Instagram post, Freeze wrote:

”I predicted Donal Trump was going to be president, you told me to keep quiet. I warned you guys about MMM, you told me to shut up. You chose to listen to the Yahoo boys that advertised it in church. The only person who listened to me was my son’s nanny. Someone said to her; “Why your Oga no want make you do MMM? He wan make you do housegirl work till you die?”

Today the lady that heeded my advice still has her money, while the one who doubted me lost all her investment, and has returned to a life of peasant farming in the village.
I will not stop warning you about Yahoo boy pastors or the disadvantage of going to war, no matter how hard you tell me to shut up! ~FRZ”

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Farouk Mohammed

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