Court Suspends Catalan Independence Declaration


Spain’s Constitutional Court on Tuesday ordered the suspension of last week’s declaration of independence by the Catalan parliament.

The ruling came after Catalan lawmakers opposed to the parliament vote launched an appeal to the court.

The vote, which was boycotted by opposition lawmakers, passed by 70 votes to 10 in the 135-seat Catalan parliament Friday.

Spain’s 1978 constitution says the country is “indissoluble.” The top court has consistently ruled against any attempt to move toward Catalan secession.

“The court plenary has just provisionally suspended the independence declaration” while it examines an appeal by the Spanish government, the source said, indicating the latest in a series of measures by Madrid to stifle the region’s independence drive.

Spain’s chief prosecutor on Monday announced he is seeking charges of rebellion, sedition, embezzlement and similar offenses against leaders of the Catalan independence movement including Puigdemont.

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