Arch. Jafar Ibrahim Does Not Know The Problems Of Nasarawa/Toto Constituency – Abdulazeez Ziyaulhaq Writes


Before Arch. Jafar Ibrahim emerged as a member representing Nasarawa/Toto at the federal constituency in 2016 by-election, He was a contractor who has no link With politics.

His unfit for house of reps seat reminds of our amiable leader, late Musa Baba Onwanna (may his soul rest in prefect peace), he did tengible physical projects that all people of Nasarawa and Toto have noticed and seen. Late Baba Musa Onwanna was a patriotic, dedicative and afterall morally and politically sound, he was a great and his achievements were land mark.

Unfortunately,after the sudden death of Late Baba Musa Onwanna, Architect Jafar Ibrahim appeared to us showing love and concern, he did come to our constituency almost every week soliciting for our votes and cooperation, and that led to the extent that most of the students from FCE ZARIA, ABU ZARIA, BUK, UDUS, NSUK etc came back home, shower their solidarity and casted their votes to him, thinking that he may be in good position to uplift the constituency to a greater marathon never imagined before but so unfortunate to describe the situation, it could be termed detrimental to the constituency.

Afterall Arch. Jafar emerged as the winner, He dont know anything apart from Sharing money to people which may lead to

i. Unemployment.
ii. Kill self determination and believe of the youth.
iii. retard the hidden talent of the youth.
Let me start by the effect of the following.

√ Unemployment: If you can observed, how many unemployed graduate do we have in this constituency? Jafar has upper hand in which he can provide employment for morethan 2,000 graduate in his constituency in different ministry and organisation, but because he doesn’t want to unlock the hidden talents and capacities of our dear youth, he ended up in sharing money to them in order to slavery of indirect begging as such they won’t see any good in any body but him, not knowing that he does that intentionally to kill their morale in becoming useful to our community. However, today as I’m with my pen on paper, many are unemployed and alternatively depend on his money.

√ Kill self determination and believe: In the inception most of the youth believe that they can struggle for themself to impart changes to their lives and the community at large but since Arch Jafar start the formular of money sharing, he has diverted the attention of the people from seeking capital projects that would no doubt benefit them and the community, many people believe when ever the go to him, the will get what the want, this make them to stop struggling for development but rather for their pocket..Do we want to continue like this??? NO!!! Then we have to stop Arc Jafar and bring some one that will focus on capital project and development for the interest of the people he is representing.

√ Retard hidden talent of the youth: most of the youth in this constituency are talented and creatively sound, but since the emergence of Arch. Jafar Ibrahim and his formula in sharing chicken change to his people, the youth are no more using their talent again but start following him for money. All he believes in is, the people of this great constituency are like chicken who put forward their way where money is shared.

Now let go back to capital projects, No single capital project has been proposed by Arch. Jafar to bring development to the area and the welfare of the people leaving in Nasarawa/Toto constituency, as a result of absence of the propose budget to proper possible solutions to our problems, the youth are engaged into
i. Pick pocket
iii. Drug abuse
iv. Political thuggery
v. Prostitution and much more.

We all believe that, the absence of capital project and youth empowerment have resulted to detrimental damages to our community which caused our youth to engage into social vices that Instead of him to concentrate on the development of his constituency. How could someone like Arch. Jafar Ibrahim that couldn’t even provide proper welfare and youth emancipation in a single constituency contest for the post of Nassarawa state Governor? I think there is need for twice thinking and consultation.

My good people of our dear constituency, this sharing of money and lack of proposed capital project to be done by our representative can lead to destruction of our constituency, talk more of Nasarawa state. I therefore strongly advise to please vote for competency not money.
The time has come, lets join our head together and do the right thing to our constituency and Nasarawa state at large. Lets vote out the incompetent once and elect the right people that can do the work, the people that have interest of the people above their personal interest.Thank you.

Abdulazeez Ziyaulhaq.
Nasarawa state coordinator,
Northern youth Restoration movement.
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  1. Adams Joshua Yakubu says

    At least, you should be aware that the Architect is undeniably the leader in any developmental procedure, and in my opinion I believe Arc. Jafaru Ibrahim FNIA is a well seasoned, respected and knowledgeable man, he will help in actualizing all of our dreams come 2019, especially in areas of infrastructural development, education and healthcare in which we the citizens of Nasarawa State are in dire need off.

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