Again, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Declared World’s Richest Man

Jeff Bezos
  • stock climbed nearly 2% since the market opened.
  • Amazon company reported $43,7 billion in revenue.


Forbes has declared Amazon CEO the richest person in the world as Amazon adds $7 billion to Bezos’ net worth overnight.

Bezos’ who had a net worth of $89.7 billion on Friday while Gates had a net worth of $90.1 billion was up with $550 million on Friday.

As at 10:15 a.m Eastern, Amazon stock had climbed nearly 2% since the market opened , adding $900 million to Bezos’ net, placing him on the top spot with $90.6 billion ahead of Bill Gates whose net was at that time $90.1 billion.

Amazon stock racked in a great earning on Friday after the company reported an 8% opening stock greater than Thursday’s closing stock, giving the CEO a wealth of about $7 billion overnight.

The company reported $43,7 billion in revenue which was higher than the $42.1 billion analysts expected.

This is the second time Bezos will be overtaking the Microsoft boss as the richest man in 2017.

In July, Amazon stock hit an all-time high before it reported its second quarter earnings but Gates reclaimed the title few hours later.

Bezos first joined the Forbes 400 in 1998, one year after Amazon went public, with a net worth of $1.6 billion.

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