Actress Toyin Aimakhu Openly Dumps New Lover, Seun Egbegbe



The romantic fling between Yoruba Movie producer, Seun Egbegbe and controversial Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu is over.

The actress took to her social media platform saying that she has dissociated herself from the movie producer.

READ her post:

“Without going into details of why I went into an affair with Mr Seun Egbegbe, I am very much aware a lot look up to me as a role model and considering this salient fact, a detour at this point is very necessary.

However, against the backdrop of my moral responsibilities to my fans and the general public, I wish to state unequivocally that henceforth, I dissociate myself from Mr Seun Egbegbe. I will implore all and sundry to please avoid connecting me with Mr Seun Egbegbe or whatever he represents from now on. I humbly request and would appreciate if I am allowed time to recuperate.

Once again, I apologize for all the negativity that emanated from the whole drama in recent times, trust me on this I am sincerely sorry. My attention and energy are now focused on re-uniting with my work, friends, families and fans. I thank my ever loyal and steadfast fans. You all are my strong pillar of support .God bless me and you all. He is the greatest pillar in times of tribulations.. You will always be part of me.

Miss Toyin Aimakhu.”


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  1. Martins N says

    The lady in question represents our today’s girls who don’t look before leaping owing to d moral decadence prevalent in our society.
    When one does not think of d consequences of one’s actions before going public with it cos of just a passing moment of pleasure, rash decisions and inconsistences such as she has shown, would alwaz b d case n she is at a loss with everything even her honour n integrity. Her body is for every man who is willing to spend some amount on her! Women!!! Most of them r so greedy n envious dat they wud do rituals, sell their bodies for cheap fame n filthy riches n then begin to claim equality with d male folks.

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