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OkayNG.com (Formerly Forumspotz) was Launched in the year 2012 and was re-branded on 1st January 2017 to OkayNG.com.

OkayNG.com is the Nigeria’s fastest-growing news site, entertainment, youth lifestyle and urbane culture website, with thousands of page views and unique visitors every month.

People all over the world come across loads of information on a daily basis, but having the time to sieve through and get out what is just right for YOU, is sometimes tiring or simply boring; that’s where we come in.

We at OkayNG.com would bring to you in an undiluted manner, the happenings from around the globe. This information’s would be circulated as events break round the clock. Poised to do our best, we deliver accurate, relevant and up-to-date news from all walks of life.

OkayNG.com has over 200,000 monthly unique readers. Our audience consists of readers between age 15 to 50; and other entertainment enthusiasts who may not necessarily fall within this bracket. Our readers are spread across Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Our dedicated staffs uploads the web at any given time, continuously throughout the day and focused on trending topics, events, and issues ranging from News, Sports Stories, Entertainment include Music, Videos, Lifestyle , Opinions and Bizzare stories as well. All these are contents you find on OkayNG everyday.


Our mission is to objectively and responsibly cover the Up-to-date NEWS Across Nigeria and the World at whole and celebrating the best of Nigerian talents with a view to enlighten, educate, entertain and inform our numerous readers from all parts of the world.


OkayNG.com promotes interaction and feedback from our readers. On the basis of this, we encourage our readers to post and submit comments on our discussions. Also you can email us at contact@okayng.com . We however advise that you do not post libelous, discriminatory, defamatory, inflammatory, obscene, pornographic and other unlawful materials which may violate the law.

We make efforts to review posted comments and may also keep out questionable or unrelated submissions. Please note that submitting your comments gives us the right but not the obligation to publish, edit, air, reproduce, use, license, print, distribute, exhibit or otherwise re-use your comment(s) and accompanying personal identifying information via all forms of media now known or hereafter devised as is now known or hereafter crafted and recognized by OkayNG.com

If you find any issues with our reporting, please let us know — by emailing (contact@okayng.com)— so that we can assess the issue and take appropriate action.

Contact Us:

Office Address: 20AH, Jimoh Oladehinde Road, Gbagada, Lagos.
Office Phone Number: 08139009126
Official Email: contact@okayng.com

Our Editorial Team:

Meet Our Editorial Team HERE

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