5 Reasons Manchester United Has Lost 3 Matches Consecutively


On Sunday, it happened again. After bursting into the new season with 5 straight wins, Manchester United lost their 3rd consecutive game.

The first blow was struck by Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City in the Premier League. United lost 2 – 1 at Old Trafford. Then a Europa cup trip to Netherland saw United beaten by Feyenoord by a lone goal.

On Sunday, Jose Mourinho’s men stumbled again and were embarrassingly thrashed 3 – 1 by mid-table Watford in the Premier League.

Many would think with the arrival of Jose Mourinho, United wouldn’t have no problem returning back to their glory days but this isn’t so.

Here are 5 top reasons United has been poor, losing 3 competitive matches consecutively:


“We are United.” Manchester United, (and likely most footie-savvy peeps) still regard themselves as favorites to win most matches. Their opponents don’t think so. Due to this “superiority feeling” they hardly put in enough efforts to win matches.


The United squad is lazy. The urge to chase down opponents and win the ball back isn’t there. For the past 3 matches, Mourinho’s men are comfortable to sit back and be possessed, allowing the opponents to dominate their midfields. You concede goals when this happens.

No creativity

The United side is lacking in creativity, at least the players that start games. United have registered less shots on targets than their opponents in their last three matches. If you don’t create goal scoring chances, you won’t score. It’s as simple as that.

No Passion

Alas! The days of Sir Alex Ferguson are gone, when United attack, attack and attack, with passion. The energy and passion to succeed is there. For the past 3 games, the team has been disjointed. It seems players were begged to play for free and no is really interested in winning matches.

Mourinho’s apparent fear of Wayne Rooney

Captain Wayne Rooney has lost his old form and glory. Nowadays he loses possession easily and hardly creates chances. However, despite his horrible performances, Mourinho has failed to leave him on the bench and allow other more creative and dynamic players (like Mata, Mhkitaryan) to play.

Furthermore, Wayne Rooney’s body language isn’t helping the whole team. He hardly make tackles or inspire his teammates to create goal scoring chances. He’s just there, and Mourinho’s obstinate decision to keep playing him has affected the team.


Farouk Mohammed

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